About Our Practice

We believe that assisting parents in being well informed and confident as caregivers for your children is critical to a child's health and well being. In 2012 Summerwood Pediatrics became the first local pediatric practice in the Syracuse area to receive Medical Home certification. Using the family-centered model developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, we try to coordinate ALL care, both medical and non-medical, for our patients and families.

In support of this goal we offer a variety of patient services. We are open seven days a week, including evening and weekend hours.

Infusacare Medical Services, which is also a practice of Dr. Dracker's, provides intravenous fluids and medications normally found only in Emergency Room or other inpatient facilities and is conveniently located in the Liverpool office building. Comprehensive laboratory and billing facilities are also located in our building, which greatly speeds up the turnaround for both lab results and answers to your billing inquiries.

We are tireless advocates for patients' emotional and physical well being and provide access to counselors and social workers on-site as needed.


As a certified Medical Home, we strive to provide care that is of the highest quality, delivered in a manner that is both timely and convenient.

To make office visits as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for children and parents, we provide covered outdoor walkways and entrances, heated floors and baby blankets in the examination rooms, and purified central air throughout the building.

Our offices are clean, cheerful and brightly colored. Children enjoy spending time in our waiting room, which features a chalk board that covers the entire length of one wall. Most patients don't wait there for long though—wait times are generally 20 minutes or less. For your convenience, we schedule same-day appointments for multiple birth siblings upon request.

Nebulizers and bilirubin blankets (for treatment of jaundice) can be taken home immediately on the day that they are prescribed--blankets and nebulizers (models from three different manufacturers) are stocked and available onsite. We also provide onsite allergy testing and comprehensive laboratory services, which means a shorter wait time for all lab results.

Unlike many medical practices today, Summerwood Pediatrics does not contract with a separate billing service. All of our patient billing is done in the office so that we have greater flexibility in responding to our families' billing needs and faster turnaround on answers to questions you may have regarding payment.

Our practice also is happy to assist with second opinion consults and pre-surgical dental and physical examinations if you are not one of our regular patients.

Helpful Links

Whenever possible, we are the primary source of health care and information to our families. However, when it is in the best interest of the child to see a specialist outside our practice, we work diligently to secure the necessary referral. Our strong ties with medical facilities such as the Golisano Children’s Hospital, Strong Memorial Children’s Hospital, Albany Medical Center, Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center, Dana Farber Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medical College, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and other facilities with the intent with assuring optimal care with our patients.

In addition, families who join our practice have the opportunity to participate in one or more patient studies if appropriate. Patients who come to our practice also can participate in medical research which opportunities may allow our patients to benefit from greater and earlier access to new and innovative medical treatments.

At Summerwood Pediatrics we think it is important to be essential participants in our community and foster a healthy environment in which our patients and their families can thrive. We actively participate with a number of local and national charities. Our practice assists with the education of health care students from a variety of regional educational institutions in the area. They include Lemoyne College; Crouse, St. Joseph’s and SUNY Universityhospitals; and the Albany College of Pharmacology. We are also members of the Syracuse Centerstate CEO (Chamber of Commerce), and support foundations and various non-for-profit organizations such as:

Charity for Children * American Cancer Society  * St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital *

American Academy of Pediatrics  * Children’s Consortium * March of Dimes

SUNY Health Science Foundation * Shriner’s Hospitals for Children * VNA Foundation *

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation * Mental Health Association *

Pediatric Society of Onondaga County * Leukemia and Lymphoma Society *

McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy * Joseph House